Indian Tragedy

Thereis a growing tragedy in the world known as India. China is dictatorship in which human rights are daily abused. However, the Chinese Communist government has been able to develop the economy and end poverty for most people in the l and. On the other hand, India has not kept pace with this movement to end poverty. A corrupt, inefficient government is the hallmark of the most democratic society on this planet. So, why is this great democracy unable to handle the problem of poverty and illness. Of course, the Indian democracy is also a land in which women are abused, raped in broad daylight and the government appears unable to even guarantee the safety of ordinary citizens. An economic slowdown in the United States along with that in Europe raises possibilities of less money being invested in India. China can get along without outside investment for several years, but slowing money invested in India raises the spectre of widespread poverty and violence.

India needs a political party which will impose honesty in government, focus on dealing with poverty and impose taxes on the wealthy of India. Unless such action is taken, who knows what awaits the democracy of India?