Indians Above The Law!

India is among the world’s most important democratic nations but it still remains a society in which those with money and power expect to be treated with respect and left alone if they flout the laws of human justice. The government of India is shocked because it’s deputy counsel general in New York City made false statements about how she was paying and treating her housekeeper. Devyani Khobragade told immigration officials that she was paying her employee $4,500 a month when, in reality, she was paying her $3 an hour. Naturally, to Indian society the victim was not the housekeeper, but the employer who abused this woman and denied her a decent salary. Her family believes their daughter has been humiliated and diplomatic immunity has been violated.

Mani Shjankar of the Congress party of India is angry. “Democracy in America apparently means the right of lower orders to be rude to their social superiors.” Absolutely. And, it also means men can not go around raping women. And, when arrested, freed from any jail time.