Indonesia Bans Online Pornography

Indonesia’s House of Representatives is pasing a bill that would jail users and providers of pornographic websites, despite fears the legislaton would victimize individuals who receive unsolicited emals containing offensive materials. Zaini Arbi of the Intitute of Science warned” I’m afraid the police will use it as a chance to extort money from people receiving spam porn emails.” It is one thing to pass legislation outlawing pornography, it is another enforcing such legislation without hurting innocent people. The entire issue of online pornography also raises issues concerning whether criminalizing such activity is of value to society. The end result is forcing people into court, sending some to jail, increasing prison costs and, in reality, never altering the desire of people to access pornography.

Pornography will always be with us. Laws will not change human sexual behavior. Individuals change or don’t change, just remember, Eliot Spitzer was a moral crusader who enjoy pornography.