Indonesia Divorce Rate Up Ten Fold-Why?

The Indonesian Religious Affairs Ministry said the number of divorces per year in their nation has increased ten fold since reform of the laws was introduced in the 1990s. In 1998, there was an average of about 20,000 divorced but last year that figure had increased to 200,000. The general feeling is that women have a greater awareness of their rights and will not put u; with certain behaviors of their husbands such as desiring to take a second wife. About two million marriages are recorded yearly in Indonesia and ten percent of them now end in divorce. There is even evidence of divorce based on differences between men and women over political views.

However, evidence indicates the most significant reason for divorce is due to the husband’s desire for another wife. The modern Indonesian woman will not put up with such a view and would prefer a divorce over living in a polygamous relationship with her husband. There is also some evidence as women go to work they develop a sense of economic independence which allows them to divorce their husband.