Indonesia Fights Terrorism

America’s right wing media is pounding away at halting efforts to build a mosque at Ground Zero on grounds to do so would be an insult to those who died at the hands of some Muslim terrorists. The assumption of this argument is:
Muslims carried out 9/11 bombing
Americans died in the bombing
Therefore, any Muslim is responsible for the deaths of Americans.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world. Its Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all people. During the past few days, Indonesian police arrested Islamic preacherAbu Bakarf Bashir on grounds he was planning attacks on many Western targets in the country as well as against local Muslim leaders who seek peace with those of other religions. Bashir has constantly praised jihadists and is a co-founder of the terrorist group, Jemash Islamiah. Police claim Bashir organized funding for terrorist groups and played a role in organizing training camps. Among the targets of his followers was Jakarta’s police headquarters as well as potential attempts to kill the nation’s leaders.

Naturally, this story of crushing a terrorist group in Indonesia will not be featured on Fox News. Thus, the myth of Muslims being terrorists will continue.