Indonesia Urges Israel to Back Off From Violence

Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda of Indonesia asked Israel to hold off from launching military action in the Gaza strip. We print his comments, not because Indonesia is a major player in regard to this topic, but the remarks of the foreign minister are not typical Muslim anti-Israel rantings, but a measured plea for patience. “Israel should learn from past experiences,” said the foreign minister, “the use of military force will not solve the problems and will not make Israeli people secure.” Right wing conservatives in America who do not believe Israel ever makes a mistake are continually arguing that Muslims in the world want to destroy Israel. Wirayuda’s comments are a plea for peace, not the destruction of Israel. There are Muslims who desire the conflict with Israel to be resolved in a peaceful manner.

I understand frustration and anger of the people of Israel who must suffer attacks from the Gaza Strip, which are wounding, and even killing, innocent Israeli civilians. A military invasion of the Gaza Strip would have disastrous results, including many suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. The blunder of the attack on Lebanon last year cannot be repeated. It is time to talk, even if it means talking with terrorists. If you can get a terrorist to the bargaining table then the possibility of peace is present. Consider Ireland, which had terrorist versus government for over thirty years. Now former terrorists are working together in a coalition government.
Information from Jakarta Post