Indonesia Violates Human Rights In Papua Areas

The Human Rights Watch blasted Indonesia for threats and intimidation against human rights defenders inPapua and West Papua provinces. It did praise the revocation of laws which made it a crime to express hatred toward the government and also agreed ending the Truth and Reconciliation Commission opened the door for prosecution of those responsible for crimes against the people of Papua. HRW admitted, “some progress was made in addrressing the human rights crimes of the Soeharto era.” Indonesia’s chairman of the National Human Rights Commission(Komnas HAM), Ifdhai Kasim, said the report underlined Jakata’s half-hearted human rights protection. “The fact we still talk about…the military operations in Papua and Aceh or the 1965 coup shows we have been running to a standstill.”

Human Rights Watch notes many political activists in Papua and West Papua are still classified as separatists andf face arrest or criminal prosecution for opposing government actions. Foreign journalists need official permission to enter the region while international rights officials have been denied entry. HRW said fredom of religion was rated low with radical Islamic groups continuing to forcibly close minority places of worship without being halted by local authorities. There is considerable child labor and domestic and migrant workers are subject to harassment while employers are rarely punished for violating the law.