Indonesian Equality– All Should Be Equal In Bribery!

In a recent article appearing in the Jakarta Post, a senior prosecutor discussed some recent conversations he had with his son, an aspiring lawyer, about the issue of equal rights in bribery. His son argued since his father took bribes it was only logical and fair for his father to pay a bribe so the son could get a job as a lawyer. His son argued that Indonesia must abide by the rule that if bribes are common, all should pay bribes, but, those taking bribes are honor bound to pay them when they desire something. His son argues that to become wealthy it is less a matter of his skills as a lawyer, and more concerned with his skills in bribery. “You can charge your client,” he says, “then distribute the money to the police, prosecutors, judges, the rest goes into your own pocket.”

This approach to equal rights is certainly novel and should be investigated. One can only wonder if this principle is really extended throughout Indonesian society will there be laws passed which give money to the poor so they can pay bribes to get good jobs? Think about it, an equal rights movement for equality in paying bribes.