Indonesian Groups Work For Religious Tolerance

During the past year Indonesia, which historically has been a nation which has allowed the existence of various religious groups, has witnessed an outbreak of violence against Christian and the Muslim sect of Ahmadiyah. A group of young Indonesians decided over the past weekend to band together and visit houses of worship that represent different religions in order to demonstrate their desire to end religious intolerance. The walking tour was sponsored by the Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace(ICRP) and entailed visiting churches and mosques in order to make people more sensitive to issues of how other religions function.

This is an example of how within a Muslim nation, people are working for religious peace. Unfortunately, this example will never hit the six o’clock news nor will it be reported in the main newspapers of the world. It is merely a small, but significant example, of how Indonesian Muslims and people of other Indonesian faiths are trying to work together to foster harmony and understanding.