Indonesian Muslim Leader Threatens Violence

Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, has taken vigorous action against Islamic terrorists who have killed the innocent. Hard-line Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir visited the three men currently on death row who took part in the infamous Bali bombings in order to announce his support of their activities. Although the government is led by Muslims, the prosecutors were Muslim, and the Supreme Court is composed of Muslims, Ba’asyir termed them “apostates” if they carry out the execution of three men who killed innocent people as part of an ideology of hate. He warned, “I’m worried that if they are executed there will be a big disaster in Indonesia.” Ba’asyir argued the men regretted killing innocent Muslims, but did not appear concerned that foreigners were killed in their murderous attack.

Indonesia is setting an example to terrorists everywhere that a government is ready to inflict punishment on those who kill in the name of God because the Muslim religion does not condone such indiscriminate killings of the innocent.