Indonesian Nurses Demand Right To Wear Headscarves

The headscarf issue continues cropping up a a source of anger and dispute in the world. A group of 28 Indonesian nurses working in a private hospital in Bandung West Java staged a rally to demand the right to wear the headscarf while working in the hospital. Nurse Yanti Sumiyanti said the nurses wore the headscarf on the bus to and from work, but once they hit hospital grounds they are forbidden to wear the head covering. They have asked on several occasions permission to wear the headscarf but have been turned down on grounds the hospital does not represent any religion. Yunandi, the deputy director for medical services insisted “we never imposed a regulation preventing the use of headscarves but we have our own regulation on the use of uniforms with clear-cut pictures. It’s similar to those used by the police, the military. they have their own uniforms, don’t they?”

The nurses are also concerned about short skirts which reveal their legs and want permission to adhere to their religious principles at work. The real question is whether wearing a headscarf interferes with a nurse performing her duty. Obviously, if the headscarf somehow makes it harder to assist patients they should not be allowed. But, what is the problem if a nurse covers her head? This is the type of silly attack on headscarves that make the entire issue sometimes appear to be much ado about nothing.