Indonesian Terrorist Friend Cleric Jailed

Abu Baskar Bashir is a famous Indonesian cleric who has been open regarding his dislike of non-Muslims and the need to rid them from his nation along with any camp followers who refuse to his brand of the Muslim religion. The Indonesian police just released three videos which Bahir made that depict him organizing terrorists and planning attacks. Apparently, the man who preaches returning to the old days, just cannot shake loose of using modern media in order to have him shown being a terrorist. He has been accused of leading a terrorist cell in the province of Aceh, organizing, financing, and appointing terrorist commanders to carry out attacks, and all is clearly depicted in videos that he made! The video show him training terrorists. Actually, the police have yet to formally charge him with terrorism, but they continually refer to him as a terrorist leader.

A difficulty for the Indonesian government is that individuals trained by his group have yet to launch any terrorist attacks in Indonesia, leading to the question as to whether someone can be termed “a terrorist” if his group has yet to commit terrorism? Bahir most likely will receive some form of prison sentence which would allow him in the safety of his prison cell to urge terrorism.