Indonesian Women Oppose Gender Equity

Every so often reading the world press leaves one wondering on which planet they are living. A proposed bill in the legislature of Indonesia would guarantee women equal rights with men. One would assume most women would welcome gender equity. Alas, this is Indonesia which contains some interesting women.

1. One group of women belonging to the Women’s Congress oppose the bill for the following reason according to Dewi Motkik:  The bill allows each person to freely choose their partner for life. “The word, ‘free,’ would enable people to have same-sex marriages in Indonesia. Our organization fully acknowledges two sexes and we oppose same-sex marriages.”

2. Rayan Putry says the word, “free” would allow adults to marry minors.

3.Euis Sunarti is worried because women are getting “smarter because they have better access to education, they would easily challenge their husbands  and ask for a divorce.”

4. The word, “free”would allow women to marry dogs or cats or even horses.

And, so on and so on…