Indonesians Celebrate Obama Inauguration

As Barack Obama took the oath of office, thousands of Jakartans poured through the streets of their city celebrating the new president whom they considered to be one of their own due to the years he spent in Indonesia as a boy in elementary school. Students at St. Fransiskus ASISI elementary school went wild with joy as their eyes witnessed a boy who had attended their school become the new president of the United States. Aisya Nadine, a student said she hoped “he will come visit us” and wanted her nation and the United States to work together to “change the world.” Numerous celebration were taking place in Jakarta involving members of the business community and Americans who work in the area.

The principal of the school will replay the tape of the inauguration several times in order to make certain all students have seen it. There is a joy in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, since from their perspective one of their own has become president of the United States.