Indonesians Hail Obama, BUT!

President Susilo Yudhoyono hailed Obama’s assumption of power as the dawn of a new era in relations between the United States and his country, and also expressed hope there would be a more objective approach in dealing with problems in the Middle East. “I will work with him and other world leaders in any way we can to promote enduring peace and progress in our time.” However, the speaker of Indonesia’s legislature warned although Obama was better suited to work for Middle East peace it would require shifting from the Bush willingness to turn away from any mistake made by Israeli leaders. Golkar Party leader, Hairiyanto Thohari “it would be a mistake to think it could turn its back on the long history of favoring Israel” and the new president has to break with the past if there is to be peace.

The message is clear from many Muslim nations they seek an American president who is objective and seeks to work for a peace that meets the needs of both Muslims and Israelis.