Ineptness Of Barack Obama

Perhaps, I was spoiled by being  born when Franklin Roosevelt was president. He was opposed by 75% of newspapers and magazines but was able to get his message to the American people. He held weekly news conferences which meant at least one day of the week, he dominated the news. He was  blunt, he took on the wealthy class and did not pull punches. He presented his ideas clearly in terms that anyone could understand. Alas, Barack Obama from day one of his administration has hidden himself from the media, he rarely explained any of his programs and event today most Americans do NOT have any understanding of the Affordable Care Act. Heck, the president did not even send a pamphlet to every American which clearly and concisely explained the law.

Now, we have the ongoing saga of distortion and lies about the Benghazi attack. Obama should have appointed a bipartisan committee to investigate the incident. He should have made clear to all members of the Cabinet that no use of government agencies would be tolerated to further political attacks. Obama is a bungler.