Innocent Always Casualty Of War

Heavy fighting progresses in Afghanistan as US and NATO troops along with some Afghan fight their way through the streets of Marja in Helmand province. Ajmal Smadi, of Afghan Rights Monitor, is concerned that while soldiers and insurgents fight hard for each piece of the town, thousands of innocent civilians are trapped in their homes and lack food or water in many cases. “People who are ill cannot get to hospitals, and others can not bring them medicines. They cannot get food, or even go outside to look after their farms.” The aim of operation Mushtrarak(Together) is driving the Taliban from the area. Some human rights activists are concerned at the lack of planing to ensure civilians would have a place of safety as the battle progressed.

Several years ago, an American president stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier and smilingly announced, “Mission Accomplished.” Are we witnessing a re-enactment of that wonderful sight of ignorance?

  • journeyer58

    This ‘wonderful’ sight of ignorance as you call it, is nothing more than a smoke screen for the continued abuse of not only the Afghani people, but the American people as well.
    One of the campaign promises yet to be kept by this ‘center-right’ president, is to get our troops home.
    I for one am thoroughly disappointed at the lack of concern for the message that the people sent when electing then Sen. Barack Obama.
    President Obama, has nothing of the progressive agenda in his administration, and he caters to the Far Right Wing Nuts of the Repuglicans by giving into their demands on an almost daily basis.
    So far, there is nothing to show me that he is the progressive, ‘can do’ president that he portrayed himself to be in the campaign.
    And paying for this, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and America, actually the people of the world are paying for the election of Barack Obama in ways not thought possible.