Inscrutable Pakistan Intelligence?

The assumption of Americans is that our nation is working with Pakistan in order to destroy the Taliban as part of the effort to end the war in Afghanistan. This sounds like a logical policy, but when it comes to working with Pakistan, the reverse is all too often the methodology followed by Pakistan’s military in dealing with problems. A few months ago, the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence cooperated with American military efforts to capture a prominent Taliban leader, Mullah Baradar who now is in jail. But, the past few days, without mentioning their actions to American military officials, the ISS released two prominent Taliban leaders and sent them back–to kill Pakistanis and Americans?

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of Pakistan Intelligence officers. The only thing we do know is when they say “yes” it more often than not means, “no.” Does one ever get the feeling Pakistan’s military leaders inhabit a fantasy land?