Inside Assad Mind

Thousands of emails dealing with President Bashar al-Assad and his family and friends have been downloaded by the opposition Supreme Council of the Revolution. The emails depict a man who has absolutely no interest in the welfare of the people of Syria and is only concerned with one thing-power, and retaining it. Assad receives support from Iran and its leaders urge that he adopt powerful and violent language to quell any opposition. Based on its own suppression of opposition, Iranian leaders are expert at wiping out those who oppose their leadership. Emails show Assad joking about democracy and elections, “rubbish laws of elections” certainly do not impress the King of Syria.

As over 8,000 people die in Syria and thousands are wounded, Mrs. Assad spends her time purchasing designer clothes and items. However, her friend, Mayassa al-Thani, daughter of the emir of Qatar urged Mrs. Assad to work for peace in her nation because the end result would be death for her family. Naturally, such talk ended a friendship.