Inside GOP Minds On Default!

John Boehner JB
Eric Cantor EC
Michele Bachmann MB
Sarah Palin SP

JB Folks, that damn African in the White House is attempting to make us out as a bunch of defenders of wealthy people rather than as defenders of the American way of life.
MB Frankly, listening to that Obama gives me a splitting headache.
EC We have to stand firm. Frankly, I, along with most Tea Party folk in the House, are not going to be frightened by wild stories concerning not being able to pay debts. People in the world trust the USA, heck we saved them in two world wars, we saved the people of Iraq and the people of Afghanistan, let’s not get scared.
SP Well, I have some good news, another grandchild. Every time I hear that Obama fella speak, I want to reach for my rifle and have some target practice.
JB Sara, please don’t say that in public. Frankly, I think Obama is bluffing. He has always backed down and he will again. We have to stand firm and not allow him to get his way and get all the credit.
EC Right, the issue is not whether the US pays its debts, the issue is how does the Republican party come out ahead as the one who saved this country. We have to play hardball.SP
SP I was talking to my stockbroker and he urged that we not give in on higher taxes for the wealthy. After all, they are job creators and if they are forced to live on less than ten million a year, we can expect them to flee to some country like Germany or Australia.
MB I always get a bit confused, is Australia the country near Germany?
JB No, it’s the island country. But, we all have to stand firm for America. Now, if we do have to default, I have arranged with Fox News for a 24 hour a day report on “how Obama wrecked the American economy” series of programs.
EC Do you think we can get the Anthony Weiner story going again? It sure diverts attention from Default.
MB I talked with Glenn and Rush. Both said they will focus this week on the birther issue. Keep blasting away at Obama as a foreigner.
JB Well, there is one thing I will not do–answer that guy’s phone calls! Who the hell does he think he is, president of the USA?
MB Well, John, I have some good news. I spoke with God last night and he told me to tell you that we must stand firm against atheists from Africa.