Inside The Killer’s Mind

American society continues the debate about Elliot Rodger, the mass murderer in Santa Barbara who went on a rampage of death claiming that girls had made fun of him and treated him as a piece of dirt. We can expect over the coming years, articles, TV dramas, plays and movies about this young man who was consumed with anger and hate. Most probably, Elliot will provide for psychiatrists and movie folk a wonderful way to make money or give lectures on why and how a future killer got that way. Elliot claimed that friend, Monette Moio “teased and ridiculed him”and thus his anger toward women. At the time, Monette was ten years old!

Sorry, Elliot, and those seeking to “explain his behavior.” His actions had nothing to do with a ten year old girl’s treatment of him. Frankly, I do not understand how this boy wound up with such anger. However, I do understand he was living in a society in which so-called “normal people” boasted of their right to kill, and insisted they had a right to a weapon of death. So, why should anyone be surprised at this denouement? If we boast of the right to kill, if we insist on the right to carry weapons of death, the end result will be -Death.