Please join us in a voyage through the mind of Sarah Palin.

1. I bet liberals would love making what I get for a speech.

2. Jews in America speak English, how come they don’t in Israel?

3. I bet getting pregnant would raise poll numbers and what I get paid for a speech.

4. I can TOO see Russia from my window

5. It is simple math, less money for the government means we can speed up reducing the national debt. Mrs. Klinkerfuss taught me that 1 plus 1 equals 3.

6. I bet Michelle Obama’s daughters can’t dance as well as Bristol

7. That bitch, Mrs. Robinson gave me a C in Communication, now let’s see how those smarty teachers get paid back from yours truly.

8. I need a new slogan: Hmm How about, “A gun in hand is a dead rapist.” The NRA would love it!

9. People are tired of that Kenya stuff. Maybe I should say he was born in Mexico, and is an illegal immigrant.

10. One day I will have to get around to reading that Constitution.

11. Gee, if I was president, I can travel for free.

12. Gee, if president, I get free clothes

13. How can I ever repay that old fart, McCain, for what he did fore me? At least I don’t have to listen anymore to those boring speeches about being in prison.

14. Some day I will have to find out where that Vietnam place is.

15. Some day I will have to figure out what GNP really means.

16. Gee, it would be great being president. Don’t pay attention to me and goodbye to you.

17. Let’s face it, I AM beautiful!

18. At least I am still married to the same old boring fart. More than most Republicans can say.

19. I know the Federal Reserve System is Socialism. But, frankly, I don’t have a clue what it actually does.

20. I’ll match my head of hair against Donald Trump, any day!