Insult America? OK, As Long As You Are Israel!

Barack Obama was blasted by Fox News and the right wing media for bowing to the emperor of Japan and termed a weakling who had insulted America. But, for some reason, Fox News is not upset when the Israel government insults the vice president of our country. Joe Biden was in Israel to reaffirm America’s commitment to its security and support for peace efforts that could end the threat of violence for Israelis. Even as he spoke, the Netanyahu government announced the government had approved construction of 1,600 new houses in E. Jerusalem, an action bound to infuriate Palestinians. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Netanyahu to make clear the action was “insulting to the United States” and since he headed the Israel government it was his fault.

David Axelrod, an aide to Obama who many Israelis hoped with be their voice in the American government repeated Clinton’s statement by saying “it was an insult” but even more insulting was effort by the Israel government to “undermine” Middle Eastern peace efforts.

Isn’t it about time the US withdrew its ambassador to Israel for one month as a sign of our growing anger toward the Netanyahu government’s efforts to thwart peace?