Integration Of Immigrants Issue In Hungary

The arrival of immigrants from all parts of the world is an ongoig issue in most nations in the European Union and Hungary increasingly has found itself still learning how best to integrate the new arrivals within society. The UNHCR recently investigated how Hungary is dealng with immigrants and warned about insufficient effort to get the new arrivals out of detention centers and out into the real world where they had to work, learn the language and establish a new life. As Mchael Lindenbauer of UNHCR told Hungarian officials “in the long run there is no such thing as integration within a center….In general, the refugees should be helped to start their own independent lives.” He emphasized that learning a new language is best done while at work or living among Hungarians rather than taking classes in a detention center.

A major concern of UN refugee experts is that Hungary does not provide enough interaction between refugees and local Hungarians. There is also a lack of job training to get people quickly into productive work with Hungarians. As always, any effective program for refugees makes them quickly cease being a foreigner who is outside society whlle making certain they are working, learning and focusing on the future.