International Criminal Court Blasts Sudan Leader

The International Criminal Court formally charged Sudan leader, Omar al-Bashir with attempting to implement a genocide against tribes in Darfur whom he considered a threat to his dictatorial regime. Last year judges issued a warrant against him, but refused to cite genocide as the crime, but this was changed when the International Criminal Court decided to label the Sudan leader as one who sought to exterminate hundreds of thousands of people, and in the process have thousands of women raped before being murdered. Prosecutor Moreno Ocamp accuses Bashir of keeping over two million refugees in camps under “genocide conditions like a gigantic Auschwitz.” Al-Bashir refuses to recognize the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been murdered, many of whom are Muslims. We wonder where are the crowds that flocked into the streets all over the world when a Danish cartoonist produced some cartoons. Which is of more importance to Muslims, the death of thousands or the appearance of some cartoons? Nine were killed by Israeli soldiers and this created a furor–as it should rightfully be seen– but over two hundred thousand Muslims are dead and there are no street protests!