Internet Bigots Blame Jews For Financial Crisis

Any time the world sneezes due to some economic catastrophe, the anti-Semitic kooks are out in public ranting and raving against Jews, and particularly, Jewish bankers. The stock market collapse occurred just as there a Jewish holiday was being celebrated. In the minds of conspiracy believers there is no such thing as a “coincidence.” In their demented minds, Jewish bankers and rabbis and businessmen spend their time plotting and planning the overthrow of just about everything in the world. The Anti-Defamation League reported on Thursday about a major surge in the number of anti-Semitic postings on the Internet which connect the financial crisis to — who else, the Jews!!

In the eyes of the Illuminati and conspiracy believers, Jews control the American government, and most European countries. Naturally, “the Jews” wanted a stock market crash because they invest in the stock market, and……. One sometimes wonder if the entire matter should be handed over to Sarah Palin whose ramblings and idiocies fit perfectly into conspiracy.

The question I would like to pose to anti-Semites is: “If Jews are so damn powerful and clever, how come they picked the only place in the desert that doesn’t have oil?”

  • A

    I hate jews. I wish adolf finished the job

  • Fred Stopsky

    Well, look at the good news. When you die you can join Adolf in Hell.

  • Dennis K






  • alex

    i am agree with “A”. jews are the dangerous virus of the planet. they are the epitomy of evil. they are the black angels. they should die.
    Fred, you are a paramecium in comparison with Adolph Hitler.

  • sarah

    dear “a”/dennis and alex,

    if god does exist then god has a sick sense of humor to have created two morons like you. two thumbs up to fred.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I have always been confused about one thing. If we Jews are so damn powerful, how come we get slaughtered so frequently by morons like A and Alex?

  • Hugh

    I certainly doesn’t help the Jewish cause when firms like Merrill Lynch are basically forced to merge and companies like Citigroup, AIG and Goldman Sachs, are saved by the like of Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke to the tune of perhaps a trillion dollars. Meanwhile, the auto industry in the Midwest can’t even get a minute $15 billion dollar loan.

    Perception sometimes becomes reality in some peoples minds and it sure looks like non jewish firms are getting the cold shoulder.

  • Fred Stopsky

    As I recall the oldest Jewish financial firm, Lehman Brothers was allowed to go under. I do not believe George Bush is a Jew. Or, does Jews get blamed for that also?

  • Hitler

    Well, the filthy jew was also responsible for the Iraq invasion.

    the jew has taken over america.

    Kill all jews. They are worse than Muslims/

    Hitler was truly great. complete the Holocaust!

  • Hitler

    Yes, we must complete what Hitler did not!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Rant on, Hell awaits you and a reunion with deal Adolf

  • hitler

    Well, the Holocaust awaits you jew. Gas chambers, you jews like them!

    today, the filthy jews are killing people in Palestine (colony of the filthy jew.)

    The Jews also pushed the US into the Iraq war.

    Filthy, scummy, dogs/

  • Fred Stopsky

    The 1896 census of Jerusalem made by the Muslim Ottoman empire showed 27,000 Jews in Jerusalem, 9,000 Muslims and 9,000 Christians. So much for Palestine being a colony of Jews. If ignorance was a virtue, you would be a saint in heaven.

  • Hitler

    And what is your point, lowly jew?

  • jew oven

    of course the fucking kikes are behind the financial crisis (and a lot of the world’s problems), too bad those shylock roaches didn’t learn their lesson with adolf. hopefully ahmadinejad will finish the job and wipe israel off the map, it’s time to exterminate the heeb plague one and for all. fucking animals.

  • Fred Stopsky

    If ignorance was a virtue, the two of you would be saints in Heaven.

  • paul maleski

    jew oven– a riposte.

    Please tone down the vulgar language. Take it from Paul Maleski , Ahmadinejad is a kosher jew! More so than mixed-breed Hitler. Ask Saborjhian?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Enough about the myth that Hitler was part Jewish. He was not.

  • Riaz Haq

    Stereotypes, whether Jewish or Muslim, are hard to change. The reality is that there are only three Jews on the CNN’s latest top ten list of the culprits of collapse even if one argues that these three are the most important of the top ten. They are: Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld. As some of us blame the few who made serious mistakes and happen to be Jewish, let us not forget that a large number of Jewish workers and investors on Wall Street are victims of the financial meltdown. Many Jews have lost their jobs while others are suffering major declines in their investment portfolios.

  • paul maleski

    Malapropisms and machinations!?
    Riaz Haq types much commonsese. Prima facie: It could appear that the American jew is engaged in some sort of a fantastical ,financial world wide destructive zionist conspiracy. My viewpoint is exceedingly banal, there was no conspiracy in the first place; it is an illusion! For historical reasons, the jew is now hopelessly over-represented in finance, the media, Hollywood etc. So much so, that it can easily appear, that the jew is innately corrupt. I recommend, forthwith: that the post Wall Street meltdown jew, goes into farming, driving tractors, digging ditches and laying bricks et al. After all: There is nothing wrong with doing an honest day’s work!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Let’s look at history. The vast majority of Jews who migrated to the US between 1890-1920 were from east Europe and very poor. Most worked in factories and were active in development of unions. Jews were barred from jobs in the steel industry, automobile, oil, etc.. so they drifted to NEW industries such as radio, movies, etc.. There were several back to earth movements, one in Petaluma, California where I worked.
    P.S. How many Christians or Muslims in America work on farms(2% of Americans are on farms) or digging ditches.

  • paul maleski

    Whites till, blacks kill, jews steal!
    Fred Stopsky you brought tears to my eyes. I know something of Trade Unionist Londoner Samuel Gompers but I must confess, I know very little of the American jewish back to the land movement. And yes, I do admire the young jewish pioneers in Palestine after the war; in those more halcyon days, they made the desert bloom not boom; it is a pity the jews farmed on stolen Arab land. The jews should have legitimately tilled in Austria/Germany etc. My argument is simple, if the American jews farmed as the Mennonites or whatever, it would have thwarted a lot of anti semitism in present day America. What do you reckon Fred?

  • Fred Stopsky

    ALL LAND WAS PURCHASED FROM ARABS–None was “Stolen.” Neither the Ottomans nor the British would have allowed Arab land to be “stolen” by Jews. Your assertion makes no sense.
    1. Most Irish immigrants in the 1840s were city dwellers. The origin of the word, “tenement” comes from them.

  • paul maleski

    Write said Fred,

    If my assertion makes no sense: Why are there so many Palestinian suicide bombers etc? Are you telling me, that these freedom fighters are all mentally ill terroists! The pre-Christian Roman invasion of Israel, gave the civilized world the Shofar; the Australian Aborigine gave the British Empire the Didgeridoo. Arabs gave humanity a few wonders of the the world and all the pre Roman jew could independently proffer humanity was the: ram’s horn, barbarism and coprophilic verse. Think about it.
    As for the Irish diaspora; well I doubt if it was an urban based push migration, as there were few Irish towns and cities in the the first place. The bulk of the landless (Catholic breed and feed) Irish peasantry, farmed on wet poor soil, where the wet potato never grew as large as the ubiquitous dry pebble.

  • Vivek Golikeri

    Much as I am fed up with the ADL and other p.c. monitors trying to tell others what we may nor say on the subject of Jews, some of the postings here were obscene! Anyone who talks of “completing the Holocaust” needs to be treated like leprosy.

    Having complaints about people is one thing, but applauding the murder of little children is depraved.

  • Fred Stopsky

    As someone who helped to found a Holocaust museum and has studied in Israel I am appalled by the current Israel government, but this does no mean one must sink into the gutter of anti-semitism. Israel is not the only nation ruled by incompetents and everyone who believes in peace in the Middle East, should be sharply critical of both Israel and Palestinian leaders who forment violence rather than peace.

  • Vivek Golikeri

    Post # 9 in this thread ought to be investigated by the FBI, as part of it reads: “Kill all Jews. They are worse than Muslims.”

    The First Amendment does not create any right publicly to incite murder. If the poster had said that Hitler was right, that is protected no matter how obnoxious it is to decency.

    But the exact wording in post # 9 might possibly have crossed the line from free speech to incitement. I am not a lawyer, but this one might have broken the law.

  • Spamghod

    Kikes are the maggots of the human race! The sooner the kike plague is destroyed the better! It will be a GREAT day when the last kike vampire breathes it’s last foul breath and dies!

  • http://www. paul maleski

    Smamghod-You smell kosher to me. Lay off the bacon.

  • Anonymous

    I am not here to trash any race or ethnicity but I think it’s strange that Jews and Financial Fraud have a strong correlation/connection. Look at the facts folks don’t let any media run hype or blog tell you any different. Jews and financial fraud have had strong connections for decades. They run the FED, SEC, majority of accounting firms, investment banks, hedge funds, law offices – really the lowest form of life if you ask me. What we are dealing with is the scum of humanity – human garbage and we have to forge on and find a way to defeat this sort of evil.

  • http://www. paul maleski

    Matthew 22–37-40.
    Our Saviour Jesus Christ said there were but two commandments: Love God and love your neighbour. Jesus espoused decency and commonsense, in a plain working mans’ language and he paid the ultimate price for his divinity. The jew is my brother and sister, they are not scum nor criminals but their corrupt, Asiatic, primitive, coprohilic, Satanist religion; definitely, could be described as such! Shalom.

  • http://google wayne

    Be afraid be very afraid. All Federal reserve heads have all been Jewish since its inception in 1913. Then comes the financial backing and push in WWI. Germany is punished so heavily which was one of the main causes of the great depression. and the same financing gimmicks of selling junk stocks as 5 star investments pumping up the value and selling off and crashing the markets. In the end buying everything for pennies on the dollar. It’s called market manipulation and it is why we are in a great depression and it is what caused the first great depression. The Jews are the key players Madoff, Blum, Greenspan, Bernanke I could go on. What we are seeing now is bieng allowed on high causing a worldwide recession. which leads to the creation of Israel. By the US a country that believes in separation of church and state as a mantra does an about face after WWII?? Two world wars two great depressions! and key financers and banking institutions involved in all of them JEWISH. Bear Stearns, Goldmen Sachs Citi bank/country wide/housing scams. Jewish Congressman Barney Frank Gay pimp heads Fanny Mae and Freddy mac supported bad loans .
    The media ABC, NBC, CBS, Jewish Foxnews/Rupert Murdoch and keeping are attention away from the thieves. If you question the Jews They will just call you anti Semitic and they are gods chosen so they think they have the right as the master race to steal cheat and murder! Now their are three supreme court justices that are Jewish when there are five that it it is completely over. Wake up they are destroying the world greedy bastards that aren’t happy unless they have all the marbles in the playground!!! I am not even a Christian anymore I am a “Jude o Christian”.

  • Vivek Golikeri

    On September 27th 2010 at 2.25 pm Anonymous wrote that while he was not there to trash any ethnic group, the co-relation between financial fraud and Jews is glaring. Agreed. But what percentage of Jewry is to blame: 1% or 2%?

    Put it this way. The co-relation between the Mafia and Italian ethnicity likewise is “glaring.” But ordinary Italians have nothing to do with the mob. Yes, there is a tiny but powerful Jewish element that is up to mischief. Take them down, but protect average Jews against viciousness.