Investigate No Evil Says Pentagon

The Pentagon once again has turned down requests from lawyers defending the treatment of Omar Khadr, a Canadian boy, who was accused of engaging in terrorism in Afghanistan. Khadr’s lawyers insist there is sufficient evidence their client was suffocated, physically assaulted, denied pain medication, threatened with rape and forced to stand for hours with his hands handcuffed to the top of a cell. Kahdr was wounded in Afghanistan and was brought to the interrogation room even while still recovering from his wounds. Navy Commander William Kuebler, who has been defending Khadr, claims initial findings about treatment of Khadr support his contention that torture occurred.

The Pentagon denied that any mistreatment took place and insists the entire matter has been “thoroughly investigated.” Kuebler believes the Pentagon is engaging in a whitewash and refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of torture and abuse inflicted on a boy by American military interrogators.