Investigations Gone Nuts!

A member of the government of the United States of America named General David Petraeus was shacking up with some broad and this has resulted in the greatest spy scandal since—? The FBI is currently investigating emails sent by the mistress of Petraeus which has led a Senate committee to initiate an investigation of the FBI investigation. Senator Dianne Feinstein is furious because the FBI did not inform her committee they were investigating emails sent by a woman to a woman. I just received word that a new investigation is being initiated to investigate the Senate investigation of the FBI investigation.

I am certain Oliver Stone will shortly make a film which links the assassination of President John Kennedy to the emails sent by the mistress of General Petraeus. A general was involved. A woman was involved. Emails were involved. Add these up and what is your conclusion?

The only conclusion is that the security of this nation was threatened by the love affair, by the emails and God knows what else!