Invisibility Cloak In Our Lives

A group of scientists led by Chinese Dr. Suang Zhang at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom have discovered a process which will hide objects. Up to this point, the Kingons who appear on Star Trek are the only ones who can cloak objects like space ships. The ability to cloak our lives from outside observation offers untold opportunities for those who have something to hide to hide it. There are reports from Wall Street the discovery will be shortly used by members of the banking community. After all, at a time of recession and economic collapse, these men and women are able to reward themselves with billion dollar bonuses. The cloak can ensure no prying eyes enters into the realm of secrecy and deceit which is the norm on Wall Street. I assume the National Rifle Association will shortly be pushing for new legislation which guarantees the constitutional right of those who own guns to enter any building in America using the cloak device. Banks have the right to cloak their money and then we can have a contest between whose cloak is more effective.

George Bush has greeted the announcement with delight. Now, he can prove there were WMD only Saddam Hussein had them under the cloak so how can anyone claim George was not telling the truth. Tony Blair told the media it was the cloak in Iraq that created false stories saying there were no
WMD. Of course members of the clergy all over the world will sleep peacefully knowing that God uses the cloak so no one can see him, but they can hear him–just ask your minister.