Iran Accuses Martians Of Being CIA Agents!

The Iranian government is convinced of the presence of a vast international Zionist plot in alliance with capitalists whose aim is to overthrow a Muslim government and replace it with a Martian one. Yesterday, for the first time, German diplomats were accused of being behind the “plot” to overthrow the Iran government, and security officers immediately took steps to arrest two German diplomats for their role in supporting anti-government demonstrators. President Ahmadinejad is no fool. He is on guard, not only against the international Jewish banker, Communist, alliance here on Earth, but also on the Rabbi led plot to form an alliance with Martians in order to replace the one true religion–Islamic- with Judaism. As any intelligent person knows, Judaism was created on evening one the planet of Mars when some Martians decided it was time to take the first step on the long planned invasion of Earth, create an Earthian religion.

Think about it. Jews created Marxism. Jews created capitalism. Jews created Christ with all his hogwash about peace and love. Heck, Jews created Hollywood, and television and just about every institution which destroys our values of ignorance and respect for men as the source of all knowledge.

President Ahmadinjad, you are correct. Those damn Germans are out to destroy you. Then, again, any intelligent individual who believes in freedom of speech or the press or religion, is against you. What you do not know is those ideas came from Mars and were brought here by their secret agents.