Iran Admits Torturing Detainees!

A characteristic of the totalitarian state is the need to present an image to the outside world of unity in thought among its inhabitants. In order to achieve the aura of complete support there is need to create an “enemy” in order to explain why a few dissidents do not agree with official versions of the truth. Iran’s police chief admitted that protestors who were arrested were tortured. According to General Ismail Ahmad Moghaddam. three policemen who beat prisoners have been placed in jail as punishment. However, he denied anyone died even though most human rights groups have identified at least three deaths while in prison.

A few days ago, Iran’s prosecutor-general, Dori-Najafbadi said “maybe there were cases of torture in the early days after the election, but we are willing to follow up any complaints or irregularities that have taken place.” Perhaps, he might begin by ending the charade of the current “trials” at which people are being compelled to confess to every and all crimes against the state of Iran. The best example of the madness of the “confessions” was from Clotilde Reiss, a French researcher who was working at Isfahan University. Mr. Reiss “confessed” to having provided information about the protests to the French embassy in Iran. Surely, torturers can come up with a better example than this on1