Iran And Hizbullah Vow Revenge

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps commander, Muhammad Ali Jafari, wrote to Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah to express condolences over the death of Imad Mughnyeh and promised “I am convinced that with every passing day Hizbullah’s might is increasing and in the near future, we will witness the disappearance of this cancerous growth Israel by means of Hizbllah fighters’ radiation therapy.” Hughniyeh was regarded as being very close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The US Director of National Intelligence, Mike mcCaonnell said over the weekend there was evidence groups in Syria or within the Hizbullah were responsible for Hughniyeh’s death. If he really believes that version it once again explains the inept condition of American intelligence. The war of killing leaders and those responsible for what each side terms as “acts of terror” will continue until an overall plan for peace and reconciliation is achieved. The problem is for each leader kiilled at least two or more step into his place and the wars go on.