Iran And Israel-Race To Disaster?

There are moments when one wonders whether Israel or Iran will be the first to explode the Middle East into violence that will make any sort of peace impossible for decades to come.Iran’s clerics are filled with the spirit of  Mohamed, or at least their interpretation of what he would say or do, while Israel leaders just know that God is on their side. The Obama administration imposed even stricter economic sanctions on Iran in a last ditch effort to half the path toward nuclear weapons.  These restrictions were also intended to persaude the Israel government of PM Benjamin Netanyahu to avoid military strikes against Iran.

Israel leaders insist they must strike now or it will be too late to avoid preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon. The European Union announced it would ban import of oil  from Iran. US economic sanctions  are creating havoc to the Iranian economy. Iranian businessmen are facing economic ruin, Iranian money is less and less valuable, and shortages grow each day.

One is left with the conclusion that if clerics get their bomb, will they also get a collapsed economy? Israel may get their desire for military attacks on Iran and receive in return thousands of missiles aimed at Israeli cities. There are times in life when one gets what he desired and is less successful for it. This is one of those times!