Iran And Russia — The Unknown Equation

As the world attempts to deal with possibilities of Iranian possession of nuclear weapons, an unknown factor is the attitude of Russia toward this outcome. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavnov, recently stated that his nation found “unacceptable the prospect of Iran equipping itself with nuclear the nuclear weapon.” However, President Putin has concerns at the prospect of American involvement in oil development in the Caucus region and may decide to reach out to Tehran for its oil resources. A French diplomat commented: “Recently we often have the impression that Moscow is taking us for a ride” on the Iranian nuclear issue.

The aggressive policies of President Bush create anxiety within many nations. Russia has extensive economic relations with Iran and even urged that nation to enrich its uranium within Russia. The United States turned down Putin’s offer to share in developing a missile defense which only served to antagonize the Russian leader. Perhaps, if Bush viewed long term developments within the world as important in policy formation, the United States might be more prone to be more sensitive in relations with other nations.