Iran And Syria Back Turkey In Dispute With Iraq

The foreign ministers of Iran and Syria announced their nations were completely behind Turkey in its dispute with Iraq over attacks by Kurdish rebels upon Turkish military forces. “Iran condemns,” said Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki, “use of northern Iraqi territory as a launch pad for terrorist operations against Turkey and is fully prepared to combat terrorism any place.” Mottaki and his Syrian counter part, Walid Moualem, both urged Iraq to cease aiding Kurdish rebels. They also confirmed Iran was building a pipeline to transport oil to both Syria and Turkey.

Six years ago, George Bush initiated a war against Iraq that in in his mind would be over in a few weeks and then peace would reign in the Middle East. Little did he realize what a chain of reaction he was setting in place that six years late would witness growing cooperation between Turkey and Iran. Syria, Turkey, and Iran each contain a minority Kurdish population that might be attracted to the idea of an independent Kurdistan. Thus, they share a commonality of interests which compel their nations to cooperate in order to crush the Kurdish Workers Party. Was this possibility ever discussed among Bush foreign policy experts? Did anyone in the Bush/Cheney administration ever grasp the most probable outcome of creating an independent Kurdistan without working closely with Turkey?