Iran Angry At US-Iraq Security Pact

The Iranian government strongly expressed its concerns over the proposed American security pact with Iraq as a threat to its security. Bush Americans invariably approach foreign policy through an American lens rather than seeking to understand how other nations interpret actions. American military bases on the border of Iran justifiably create a sense of unease in that nation just as Bush pushing for missile bases have created fear and anxiety within Russia. Iranian officials interpret the effort to maintain military bases in Iraq as a hostile action. “the frequent wicked efforts to disturb the brotherly ties between the two countries(Iran and Iraq) are to no avail and do not weaken the will of the leaders of the two nations for the expansion and deepening of mutual ties.”

Majiis Speaker Ali Larijani went on to attack American intervention in Afghanistan as designed to strengthen its control of a nation on the border of Iran. He mocked Bush for invading Iraq in search of “weapons of mass destruction” but “after years there is no evidence on the existence of weapons of mass destruction.” There will be a new president in office come January, but he will be compelled to live with the destructive legacy of George Bush.