Iran- Any Time, Any Where, We’ll Meet, Says Rice

Secretary of State Condi Rice offered to meet Iranian diplomats in order to resolve issues of its nuclear enrichment programs. “I continue to say that, if Iran, will just do one thing that is required of it by the Security Council resolutions that have been passed, — and that if it suspends its enrichment and reprocessing activities– then I am prepared to meet my counterpart any place any time and anywhere and we can talk about anything.” She noted her willingness to meet with Libya’s foreign minister next month as an indication of the desire to discuss issues with nations that have poor relations with the United States.

Secretary of State Rice’s comments mark a change in attitude upon the part of the Bush administration in its dealings with Iran. However, in negotiation, one party can not tell the other party that no meeting will occur unless it agrees to certain preconditions. The suspension issue is the focus of discussions and
hopefully, talks between the United States and Iran can result in some solution to the problem. Rice ignores that for seven years the Bush administration has threatened and insulted Iran. In 2001, when the reform government of President Khatami cooperated with American in Afghanistan, it was rebuffed in its efforts to have a reconciliation with the United States. After insulting a nation, Rice now says, do what the United States wants or else, we will not talk with you.

The situation requires some statement or action by the USA to demonstrate good faith.

1. Are there assets that were frozen when the Shah was overthrown? Could these be unfrozen as a gesture of good faith?
2. Could Secretary Rice quietly extend an apology for failure to pick up on the 2001 Iranian offer?
3. Condi Rice might give a strong public statement warning Israel not to launch any attacks on Iran.
4. How about a public apology for the American led overthrow of the Mossadegh government in the 1950s?