Iran Asked To Display Compassion By Brazil

Iran contains an educated population including leading thinkers in the world of science, medicine, literature and history. It is not a backward country, but thirty years ago the nation was taken over by fundamentalist clerics who had their own direct line to the Prophet Mohammad as well as to God. Over the past few years there have been several incidents in which Iranian women were accused of heinous crimes such as walking with a man other than their husband or having an affair, and the punishments have ranged from jail to hanging to being stoned to death. Complaints from Western nations ordinarily are dismissed as coming from countries hostile to the Iranian government. However, in the latest case of a sentence containing the sentence of stoning to death for adultery, the request has come from a friend of Ahmadinejad– President Lula da Silva. He has offered asylum to the woman in the spirit of compassion.

It will be interesting if compassion is a word known in the vocabulary of men of God.