Iran Blinks?

Republican candidates for the presidency have spent the past several months blasting President Obama for coddling the Iranian government and promised if they became president they would…… ? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has led the campaign of isolating Iran from the world economic community by imposing sanctions. Latest sanctions punish banks which provide any form of financial aid not only to Iran but to any company which trades with Iran. The impact of this has been devastating to the Iranian government’s ability to purchase goods or sell its oil.

Saees Jlili,  a spokesperson for the Iranian government announced that his government is ready to talk-and negotiate. “We formally declare an intent to return  to the full path of dialogue for cooperation.” Their economy is hurt and Iran must cooperate or face even worse consequences to its ability for function in the modern world. I await Newt Gingrich, the great authority on foreign affairs, to explain how the Obama administration efforts have proved successful.