Iran Celebrates Amidst Sorrow

Perhaps, hundred of thousands of people flocked into the streets of large Iranian cities, many bused in by President Ahmadinejad in order to solidarity with his oppressive regime. Any attempts by opposition groups to protest in support of freedom were crushed by large numbers of security police who made certain there would be no gathering of people whose ideas are contrary to those of the Grand Ayatollah. Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, called on the people of the West to do everything in their power to impose sanctions on her own nation in order to weaken the power of Ahmadinejad. She also made clear undertaking military action against Iran would lead to world wide disaster for all involved.

Ms. Ebadi raises an important issue. How can the West respond to threats by Iran in a manner that avoids war? At this point, sanctions will not work unless China and Russia become participants in the effort. The prospect for doing anything about Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons does not look bright.