Iran Charged With Being Anti-Muslim

Iran insists the United States and western European nations are engaged in a vast conspiracy to destroy the Muslim world. Nonstop attacks on America note its anti-Muslim actions such as the invasion of Iraq which have led to countless dead people. The US State Department claimed Iran violated the rights of Muslim minorities such as the Bahai faith which is banned in Iran, although it was there the sect began. Iranian officials responded with a counter charge about American “concern about the situation of some fake cults fabricated by English colonists and Zionists.” Of course, the Bahai faith was born in Iran by those of the Muslim faith and neither Jews nor the English government had anything to do with this group which urges peace and reconciliation among those of all faiths.

The treatment of Bahai people in Iran has close resemblance to actions of the Nazi government when it stripped Jews of their citizenship and denied them entry to colleges and government positions. The voice of Bahai Muslims is silent in the Iranian media.