Iran Claims Gaza Clashes Benefit Israel

According to the Tehran Times, the recurrence of bloody clashes between supporters of Hamas and Fatah in Gaza is a blessing for Israel. “Only the Zionists benefit when one Palestinian kills another Palestinian.” The newspaper claims Israel took advantage of the chaotic situation to bomb a Hamas training camp in southern Gaza.

“Obviously,” claims the Tehran Times, “the Israelis are trying to maintain their control of the occupied territories by pursuing the age-old strategy of divide and rule.” The newspaper believes that “when a Muslim fights against his brother, the cause of Islam is set back and the enemies of Islam rejoice.”

Somehow our policy should be to get the Iranians a place in the negotiation process to resolve problems between Hamas, Fatah, Palestinians and Israel. Persistent error on the part of Israel and the United States believes that violence will “crush” the enemies of Israel. We have to jaw, jaw, and get away from war, war.
Information from Tehran Times