Iran Clerics May Have To Ban Sports In Name Of Koran!

Six young Iranians decided to show the world how millions of their countrymen feel about the election thieving activities of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They wore green wristbands during a match with South Korea’s football team and they have paid the price of heroism. Four have been banned from any further games and their passports have been seized. Three of the players took off their green wristband at half time but Medhdi Mahdavikia refused and wore it during the entire match. Ahmadinejad is a football fan but will now have to endure a losing team since he fired several key players who dared stand up for freedom.

No one can offer advice to the brave people of Iran, but we suggest why not follow up on the football players and have a national strike including refusal of any sports player to participate in any game until bans are lifted against the four players.

President Obama is urging quiet support for Iranian reformers and that is most probably the best advice we can offer. Remember Gandhi and Martin Luther King and turn your other cheek, but refuse to give in to hate and violence. A peaceful general strike is still a weapon to use.