Iran Condemns US Attacks On IAEA Director

Dr. Shireen Mazari who works at a Strategic Studies Institute in Islamabad, was critical of American and European attacks on the integrity of the Internation Atomic Energy Agency’s director, El Baradel, becacuse he refuses jumping on the bandwagon of blaming Iran for failing to work on resolving atomic energy issues. She points out: “The IAEA under his leadership has proactively sought to resolve the issue peacefully by dialoguing with Iran instead of supporting the American position of seeking confrontation through provocation so that a pretext can be provided for U.S. military action. Remember Iraq and the WMD issue.”

The Impudent Observer is not oblivious to Iran’s duplicity in proclaiming non-intervention but secretly aiding insurgent forces. However, there is no immediate crisis which must be resolved by bombing or other forms of intervention. There is at least two or more years before Iran has possession of an atomic bomb. We argue the importance of opening a dialogue with Iranian leaders. Ahmadinejad is only one such leader, there are many religious figures who are pragmatic and seek to ensure their nation’s security and prosperity.