Iran Continues Being Iran!

The Iranian government for years has complained about failure on the part of the Bush administration to engage in meaningful dialogue or cooperation with their nation. Newly elected President Barack Obama reached out and made clear his desire to have peaceful relations with Iran, but the extended hand of friendship has been slapped by President Ahmadinejad. Just 24 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US wanted to directly participate in talks with Iran concerning nuclear development, Iran responded by claiming the number of centrifuges at its uranium enrichment facility has risen from 6,000 to 7,000 -an increase which brings it closer to having the capability of developing an atomic bomb. Ahmadinejad says he will discuss nuclear development but only if discussions are based on “justice and respecting rights.”

In another example of Iranian desire to make the progress toward peace difficult, authorities said Roxana Saberi, the American-Iranian journalist will go on trial next week on charges of espionage. This trial will only complicate efforts to achieve improved relations between the two countries.