Iran Continues Harassment Of Women Seeking Rights

Once upon a time there was a wonderful land named Nari which was governed by a group of wise men who knew what was right and what was wrong. The wise men of Nari knew that women were wonderful creatures whom God in His infinite wisdom has confined to the tasks of serving the needs of men, not that anything was wrong with the need’s of men taking precedence over those of women. If a woman in the realm of Nari dared to touch the hand of a man the woman soon encountered the sweet sound of rocks and stones pounding on her body. If a man slept with a woman who was not his wife, he shared the story with other wise men who believed in the goodness of men and for women to know their place.

Some women in Nari thought it might be nice to go around and ask other women to sign a petition which said women would have the same rights to govern the land as was provided the men. The wise men decided to help these women by placing them in a nice comfortable cell where they could think about the evil they were committing by asking women to sign things giving them rights. Gee, if women got equal rights in Nari, then the country might actually get its economy moving in the right direction or be friends with all people of the world.

But, this is the land of Nari and women who go around talking about equal rights most probably have deep mental issues since somewhere along the path of life they never got the message that Nari men were always right. Some day, the confused women of Nari who want this thing called “equal rights” will finally grasp that in Nari the men have the rights and the women have equal rights to agree that men have all the rights. What exactly is so hard for these women rights people to grasp??