Iran Continues Rhetoric Of Defiance Towards Israel

Iranian leaders once again engaged in the rhetoric of defiance as their contribution towards attaining peace in Palestine. Majlis Speaker, Ali Larigjani, urged Muslim nations throughout the world to unite in defending the people of Palestine against Israel and Zionism. He urged “serious and practical” steps to resolve the Israel and Palestine conflict. As usual, Larigani, had nothing to offer the fight for peace other than more denunciations of Israel and Zionism. On one hand, he asked the world to find “practical” solutions but for him, as well as most Iranian leaders, “practical” contains impractical ideas such as driving out Zionists.

Iran could be a major player in assisting Palestinian leaders to attain some type of agreement with Israel that would ensure peace between the two people. But, all Iran has to offer are fiery words of hate as though somehow talking about fighting and death will actually lead to a compromise agreement. If Iran was serious, it would put forth concrete ideas that might serve as the basis for negotiation.