Iran Continues Speech Bravado Of Defiance

Iranian officials continued their reliance upon verbal defiance towards Israel and the United States in the battle of words as to which parties can do more damage in any conflict. Mojtaba Zoinour, deputy of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Al Khamenei to the Revolutionary Guards warned the United States and Israel, “with the smallest move against Iran, Israel and 32 US military bases in the region would not be of the reach of our missiles and would be destroyed.” The escalating war of words increasingly displays a lack of regard towards reality. Saddam Hussein twice misunderstood America’s willingness to engage him in combat and the result was his nation was invaded and he was killed. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad spoke of the importance to the region and world of securing a political solution to the current impasse between the West and Iran. “To the best of our knowledge, Iran has no intention of trying to obtain nuclear weapons.”

It is one thing for nations to exchange angry words in order to prove to domestic interests the government is powerful, but it is another thing if such boasting and threatening results in misunderstanding by other nations. It is time to downgrade the rhetoric of anger and threats by a sensible program of political dialogue and negotiation.

In all probability, as long as George Bush is president, there is doubt any Iranian government would trust making agreements with the United States. We will have to wait for January for any sensible negotiations. In the meantime, all sides shouldlower the volume.