Iran Cracks Down On Christians

There is ominous news from Iran since about 70 Christians have been arrested and jailed since the Christmas holiday. Latest raids have focused on “hard-line Christians” which most probably means those who profess the Christian religion and refuse to convert to the Muslim religion. In theory, the Constitution of Iran guarantees religious freedom of Christians, Jews and Zorastrians, but Muslim minorities such as those professing the Bahai religion face brutal oppression since they are regarded as heretics. Most probably rise to power and influence of the Revolutionary Guards has resulted in crackdowns on non-Muslim religions since these fanatics have scant tolerance for difference of opinion. There are increased charges that Christians are converting Muslims to their religion. Huh? Exactly how many Muslims in Iran would convert to a religion which is prevented from attaining many government positions and is regarded as an enemy of the state?

Attacks on Christians in Iran are matched by attacks by Muslims on Christians in Iraq and Egypt. Arabs continue claiming that Israel is the destabilizing force in the Middle East but driving out Christian communities which predate the arrival of Muslims in the region can be classified as somewhat destabilizing.