Iran Defends Human Rights-Outside Iran!

The government of Iran is working hard to win next year’s academy award for the best acting job that portrays hypocrisy. Its Foreign Ministry issued a warning to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate to get their troops out of Bahrain and proclaimed the right of that nation’s Shiite majority to enjoy free elections. “The presence of foreign troops and meddling in Bahrain’s internal affairs will onmluy complicate the situation.” Of course, within Iran anyone who dares oppose the Ahmadinejad regime soon finds him or herself enjoying a nice comfortable prison cell. Even as Iran issued warnings, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was calling both Iran and Saudi Arabian officials in order to persuade them of the importance to reduce tensions, not to add to them. `

The Turkish leader’s advice to one and all was simple: “Cool it!” There is no question Bahrain which contains 60% of its population as Shiite and the king as Sunni have a rather complex situation to resolve. It is a time for negotiation and compromise, not troops.